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    Where are we? Museum der Landschaft Saanen, Dorfstr. 62a, 3792 Saanen; 033 744 79 88; info@museum-saanen.ch

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    Opening hours:

    The museum is closed from 16.10.2023 until 15.12.2023 inclusive.

    From 16.12.2023, the museum will be open again from Thursday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 5.

    Entry Fees:

    Single: adults CHF 8. – / children CHF 6. –
    Groups: CHF 6.– (guided tour up to 15 people + CHF 60.–) CHF 8.– outside opening hours
    Schools: CHF 4. – (guided tour CHF 6.–)

    We would like to thank our volunteers for their great commitment.
    Without YOU a company would not be conceivable! THANK YOU